Meet project partners behind the Smart Oxford Playable City Commission

Star Light, Star Bright  

Created by Hellion Trace
Winner of the Smart Oxford Playable City Award 2017 

Imagine if the stars shone just for you.

Star Light, Star Bright maps the star constellations that are visible above Oxford in the months of January and February. With each star represented as individual, step-activated lights, people work together to turn on a whole constellation. The constellations will be in locations across the city. 

Winner of the Smart Oxford Playable City Award 2017, this city-wide intervention brings life to dark winter streets, connecting strangers for a shared moment of discovery and wonder.  Star Light, Star Bright creates colourful star maps for Oxford’s night sky, helping us find the starlight, shining bright.

Playable City

Playable City is a framework to think differently about the city, generating social dialogue by creating shared experiences through play. Visible, democratic, surprising, inclusive – it reuses the city infrastructure to create connections – person to person, person to city. By transforming city spaces into places of unexpected interaction the Playable City is a conversation starter towards the change we would like to see in our cities of the future.

The Playable City international network reaches from the Tokyo to Recife, Brazil to Lagos, Nigeria.

Hellion Trace 

Hellion Trace (formerly Guerilla Dance Project) was founded by Laura Kriefman, an Architectural Choreographer. She is a 2016 INK Fellow, 2015 WIRED Magazine/The SpaceCreative Fellow and a 2011-2012 Fellow of the Clore Cultural Leadership Programme. Winning multiple awards for digital innovation and specialise in work exploring a fusion between movement and technology. Resident at the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol, Hellion Trace create interactive installations and spectacles that have been commissioned worldwide including USA, Brazil, Ireland, Croatia, Europe, India, and Indonesia.  

Smart Oxford

Smart Oxford is the strategic programme of a wide range of city partners working together to develop and promote Oxford as a smart city. It represents a commitment by its partners to develop efficient and effective use of data and technology for the benefit of its citizens. The Smart Oxford project board helps initiate, orchestrate and support smart city activities and projects carried out by its partners in Oxford and Oxfordshire. The vision of Smart Oxford is of a city where innovative ideas, active citizens and stakeholders come together to co-create a better Oxford.

Discover Hellion Trace 

A company specialising in a fusion between movement and technology, Star Light, Star Bright is one of many projects, performances and installations from Hellion Trace.